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Blog about blog

Ok so the marketing guys keep telling me we should have a blog on the site.  Great, why?  I'm thinking, who is actually going to read that anyway? Sure it's nice to get some new stuff for the home, even exciting in its own way, but seriously, the day to day operations of a furniture store?  It's kinda boring, tbh . . .

But the guys we hired to run our google stuff said its a 'great marketing tool' that we really should have, so here we are!

So for a first post I suppose I should introduce myself;  Hi.  I'm Dave;  the car guy turned IT guy turned furniture guy turned webmaster, running the online show here for the Furniture Clearance Center in the heart of the furniture universe; High Point North Carolina.  Right now, the twice-annual  international home furnishings market is in full swing, so it seemed like as good a time as any to kick off this blog.

Furniture Clearance Center started out about 15 years ago, with 2 guys buying up a truckload of overstock, closeout, cancelled deliveries and whatever deals they could find with local manufacturers and taking it on the road, selling it on the side of the highway outside sporting events, state fairs, flea markets; basically wherever they could find a crowd to hawk their goods toward.  After a few years of that they'd made enough connections in the industry, and saved up enough cash to open a small storefront in Greensboro.  That was 10 years ago, and we've grown just a bit, now with our big showroom on main street and our original store still on Market Street, Greensboro in the Price Place Shopping Center, next to the Dollar Tree store.  

In the time since, we've developed a unique system the other stores can't use because they have a whole extra layer of warehousing and distribution that we simply bypass.  See, we don't have a giant warehouse full of billions of dollars worth of furniture; we don't need it because High Point is bursting at the seams with furniture, in dozens of warehouses all around town.  The downside is that it may take us  a few days to have your items available to ship, since we can't just pull it off a shelf in back, but that usually means we can save you money at the checkout, because without all that cumbersome infrastructure weighing down the overhead, we can sell this stuff for less and still make a living.  Also, when things are hard to get, and other stores are taking weeks to get items delivered through that distribution system, we can send a truck straight to the factory or warehouse the minute the item becomes available, and cut weeks off of those order delays.  We may not be as big, but we're much more flexible because of it.

Anyway, gotta get back to the shop where they're checking in another round of market samples!  Have some mirrors and wall clocks to bring out; I'll post a pic.

Welcome to market to all the out-of-towners, and happy bargain hunting!

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